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              • American Family’s satisfaction of their customers is at least average or better.
              • American Family has less than the average amount of complaints for a company about the same size in the same industry
              • American Family’s Ridesharing program is available in some US states.


American Family is the United States 10th biggest automobile insurance company and has less customer complaints compared to others in the insurance industry. They also provide a wide range of other insurance policies, so if you want a one-stop-shop, then American Family may be worth more of your consideration.

American Family Insurance Details 

CCIO Rating: 4.0/5 stars. American Family is the 10th best insurance company for cheap car insurance online that we have studied. The 4 star rating is based on the following:

  • J.D. Power ratings for their customer service, satisfaction of claims, and shopping.
  • Consumer Reports ratings of satisfaction of their customers.
  • Complaints against the insurer by the customer, from data collected by the NAIC.

American Family Automobile Insurance Options

American Family offers the standard polices, as well as the following add-ons: Gap insurance: American Family will cover you if your car gets totaled and is being leased at the time of being totaled or has a loan balance. If you choose not to add this onto your current automobile policy, then they will pay out only for the depreciated value of your car, not accounting for the deductible, then you would have to pay the rest. Accidental Death and/or Dismemberment: This coverage will pay if a car accident caused certain injuries or death, regardless of who caused the accident. Insurance for Ridesharing: This is an add-on for those who drive for ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Normally, insurance policies just cover the driver if they are transporting a passenger that used one of those services, but this policy will cover regardless of whether you are transporting someone or not.

American Family Home Insurance Options

American Family Insurance has the standard types of home insurance as well as the following:

  • Backup and Overflow Coverage: American Family will pay out if your sump pump fairs or there is a back up in the sewer system.
  • Identity Theft Coverage: If you have this feature, then American Family will cover costs from restoring your finances if you are victimized by identity theft.
  • Home-Based Business Coverage: American Family offers extra personal property and liability coverage if you own and operate your business from home.

American Family Life Insurance Options

American Family offers a universal, term, and whole life insurance including the following: DreamSecure Simplified Term Life Insurance: There is no requirement for a medical exam and it the application can be granted as soon as 10 business days, which is fast for life insurance. The coverage can be anywhere between $50,000 and $150,000 and with the terms at the intervals of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years. DreamSecure Level Term Life Insurance: This is offered if you prefer greater coverage, however, this one will require a medical exam. These are available also in the 10, 15, 20, and 30-year intervals. They are also convertible into permanent life insurance, if you prefer at the end of the term.



American Family Overview

American Family’s Financial Strength: A (EXCELLENT)

American Family is considered to have excellent financial strength, based on data collected by A.M. Best. This is important, because it shows the level of confidence in the insurer to pay out claims when they are filed.

Customer Complaints

American Family has had less than the average amount of complaints against a company about the same size in the insurance industry, based on data from the NAIC.

Satisfaction of Customers

2018 J.D. Power Study American Family’s Ranking
Insurance Shopping (Auto) Better than average
Satisfaction of Auto Insurance Claims ~ Average
Home Insurance ~ Average
Property Claims ~ Average

More on American Family

American Family’s Website: On American Family’s website, you can contact an agent, receive a quote, make payments on your account, and file a claim. MyAmFam: This is American Family’s mobile application. You will be able to manage your claim, make payments, speak to an agent, review your documents, and get your proof of insurance if you need it. Additionally, you can get some help on the side of the road when you need it or contact a repair shop to fix your vehicle. American Family offers a variety of insurance products in addition to their flagship automobile, home, and life insurance policies. You can purchase health insurance through companies that American Family partners with. The other kinds of insurance that are offered through American Family are listed below:

Other insurance American Family Offers
  • Motorcycle
  • ATV
  • RV
  • Boat
  • Condo
  • Mobile home
  • Renters
  • Umbrella
  • Flood
  • Business
  • Ranch and farm
  • Snowmobile






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