Farmers home insurance coverage:

Cheap Insurance With Farmers insurance for homeowners has 3 different levels of offerings – 1) Standard, 2) Enhanced, and 3) Premier. Each have their own set of customizations. The standard policies encompass what is normally covered for homeowners and are specifically crafted for the new homeowners. The enhanced and premier policies are designed for those who are better established as homeowners by offering perks that are better realized after owning a home for a longer period of time. Farmers has what is called “Smart Plan Home” policies. No matter what policy you decide upon, this is what is included:

  • Claim-forgiveness, This will waive the surcharge if you exceed 5+ years not filing a claim. 
  • Declining deductibles: Each year that your policy is active, Farmers will subtract $50 from your deductible. 

The following are personal options you can add to any of the aforementioned policies, provided that they are available in your state:

  • “Identity Shield”: Farmers will give you coverage in the event of identity theft, monitor your credit, and assist in replacing your identity and your documents that you use when traveling.  
  • “Eco-rebuild”: You can be given up to $25,000 for added costs of repairing, replacing or rebuilding your home with greener materials after filing a claim. 
  • “Contents replacement”: In the event that an item is damaged (or destroyed) in your home, you can receive a reimbursement for the value of a replacement.  

Farmers life insurance coverage:

Farmers offers multiple types of life insurance, such as term, whole and universal life insurance. All Farmers’ term life insurance options can be converted to lifelong coverage. Simple Term Life has a faster application process. It lets you skip the medical exam and be insured faster.

  • Coverage starts at: $75,000. 
  • Term intervals: 10, 20, or 30 years.

Farmers’ value term life insurance carries a guaranteed death benefit sum. Your premiums do not increase during the term for which you sign up. If, however, you convert your current insurance plan to whole, or a longer plan, then your rates could increase:

  • Coverage starts at: $150,000.
  • Term intervals: 10, 20, or 30 years.

Decreasing term life insurance could be a good option for those who want a policy that only covers a mortgage or some other kind of debt. As your premiums remain the same, the death benefit decreases to 20% of its original value as time goes on: 

  • Coverage starts at: $25,000.
  • Term intervals: 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

Other types of Farmers insurance 

In some situations, you may be able to save some money by coupling some of the following types of insurance with a homeowners or automobile insurance policy (must also be provided by Farmers): 

Farmers’ other types of insurance 
  • Renters
  • Landlord/rental property
  • Umbrella
  • Business
  • Motorcycle
  • Pet
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Boat
  • Personal watercraft
  • Travel trailer
  • Motorhome or RV 
  • 5th wheel 

Farmers Overview

Farmers Financial Strength: A (“EXCELLENT”)

The financial strength of Farmers is “excellent”, based on A.M Best’s analysis. This matters because it shows how well-equipped an insurer can pay its customers’ potential claims.

Customer Complaints

Farmers has received less than the average number of complaints to state regulators for their insurance options for a company of the same size, based on reports from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. 

Satisfaction of Farmers’ Customers

J.D. Power study Farmers’ ranking
Insurance shopping (automobile) ~ average
Auto insurance claims satisfaction Better than most
Home insurance ~ average
Property insurance claims ~ average

Learn More 

Farmers’ Website: You can contact an agent, receive a quote, make a claim, and remain updated on its status, find the number for towing and roadside assistance, and much more. You will find many resources to help you properly file your claim and also a checklist of what you should do in the event of an accident.

Farmers’ Mobile App: On their mobile app, you can pay your bill, update payment settings, receive your personal agent’s contact info, look at the details of your policy, and even access your personal digital ID cards if you need proof of insurance.