Liberty Mutual Reviews and Ratings

  • The satisfaction of their customers is average or less.
  • Have almost average complains for car insurance and less than the industry average for home and life.
  • 20th on our list of the best companies for car insurance

Liberty Mutual is the the 8th largest car insurer in the United States based solely on the amount of premiums written directly. Liberty Mutual also offers commercial and personal insurance policies, in addition to their home and automobile insurance.

Liberty Mutual Details

Automobile Insurance Ratings:   CCIO Rating: 3.5/5 stars Liberty Mutual ranked 20th on our list of the best car insurance companies, earning 3.5 out of 5 possible stars. The rating is based on the following data:

  • J.D. Power ratings for servicing customers, satisfaction of their filed claims, and their satisfaction when shopping for other policies.
  • Consumer Reports’ ratings for the satisfaction of their customers
  • Complaints from the consumer against them, based on data collected by the NAIC.

Liberty Mutual Automobile Insurance Options:

Liberty Mutual has standard auto policies, as well as upgraded, each with a different perk, including the following:

  • Accident forgiveness: Regardless of who is at fault, your premium won’t go up when you have your first accident. This option is currently unavailable in California. This may also be different from state to state.
  • New car replacement: If your car gets totaled within the first year and your first 15,000 miles, then you will be reimbursed the cost of your new car, not just the value to which it depreciated.
  • Better car replacement: Liberty Mutual goes a step further than just, “new car replacement.” If, at any age or mileage, you can be reimbursed for a car one year younger and with 15,000 less miles on it than your totaled car.
  • Deductible fund: This option, Liberty Mutual will create a fund to lower your collision deductible. Both you and Liberty Mutual will be contributing to weigh it down ($70 and $30, respectively).

Liberty Mutual also offers a special kind of insurance called, “Teachers’ Auto Insurance.” It may or may not be available in your state, but if you are a teacher, you can receive the following for no extra cost:

  • Loss Protection from Vandalism: There is no deductible if your vehicle is vandalized, in any way, while at school-related events or being on school property.
  • Covers Personal Property: Liberty Mutual will reimburse up to $2,500 per situation if the materials you use for teaching, or property owned by the school, is stolen or damaged while in your vehicle
  • Collision: If you car is damaged in an accident while driving it for school-related purposes, then there is no deductible. However, in Pennsylvania, there is a $100 deductible

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Options:

Liberty Mutual has homeowners insurance with standard features, and the following additional options:

  • Identity Fraud Expense: This pays for the expenses and a counselor if you are victimized by identity theft
  • Valuable Coverage: This will cover items like jewelry, collectibles, etc. if they are damaged
  • Protection Against Inflation: Liberty Mutual will automatically re-adjust your limits on coverage at the time of renewal accounting for inflation and give a discount to your premium, however, some limitations apply

Liberty Mutual Life Insurance Options:

Liberty Life Assurance Co. of Boston is a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual and will issue life insurance and annuities. The policies are available in 10, 15, 20, or 30 year intervals. Whole and universal life insurance are also available.


Other Insurance Available From Liberty Mutual:

Liberty Mutual policies where auto and/or home policies are not required
  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Landlord
  • Motorcycle
  • Flood
  • Accident
  • Critical illness
  • Tuition
  • Business
Liberty Mutual policies that do require existing automobile insurance
  • Umbrella
  • Antique and classic car
  • ATV and off-road vehicle
  • RV and trailer
Liberty Mutual policies that require existing home insurance.
  • Boat and watercraft
Policies via Liberty Mutual partner insurance companies
  • Pet
  • Mobile home


Liberty Mutual Overview:


Liberty Mutual’s financial strength is considered “excellent” by A.M. Best ratings. This shows how well the rated insurer can pay out the consumer-filed claims.

Consumer Complaints:

Liberty Mutual has about average the number of complaints for an automobile insurer about the same size in 2018 according to the NAIC. However, it has less than average for home and life insurance.

Satisfaction of Customers:

J.D. Power study Liberty Mutual ranks …
Insurance shopping (auto) ~ average
Auto insurance claims satisfaction Average
Home insurance ~ average
Property insurance claims ~ average


More On Liberty Mutual:


Their Website: Liberty Mutual’s website is interactive and will allow you to view and manage your policies, pay your bill, find your ID cards, and file or track progress on your claim. Their Mobile Application: Liberty Mutual’s mobile application will help you track your filed claims, pay your bills, and view the documents pertaining to your policy. It will also let you take photos at the accident scene or even call for emergency roadside assistance. Get Your Insurance Quotes from Alexa: You can get a quote from Liberty Mutual using Amazon Alexa, and advice on common problems relating to automobile and home insurance.