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Nationwide Car Insurance | 2020 Review

Cheap Insurance With Nationwide Reviews and Ratings:

Cheap Insurance With Nationwide:

  • Less complaints from the customer than the average for their home, automobile, and life insurance
                  • Most amount of offerings for insurance
                  • The satisfaction of customers is average or better

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Nationwide has become famous for its car insurance, but they actually offer the most, of all its competitors, options for insurance. The company is financially strong, making it a one-stop-shop for your insurance needs.

Cheap Insurance With Nationwide Details:

CCIO Rating: 4/5 Stars Nationwide is 8th in our list of best car insurance companies. They have earned 4 out of 5 available stars. Our Score is based on the following:

  • J.D. Power ratings for servicing customers, their satisfaction from filing claims, and satisfaction from shopping
  • Consumer Reports on customer satisfaction
  • The number of complaints from the consumer against Nationwide, from data collected by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

Nationwide’s automobile options:

Nationwide offers everything to which you are accustomed to seeing from auto insurers, plus the following:

  • “SmartRide”: This involves a device that you can insert into your diagnostic port on your car and tracks your behavior as you are driving. It logs mileage, acceleration (if it is too fast), when you brake too hard, and the time of the day you are driving.  uses a device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port to track your driving behavior. The data determines the discount on your insurance that Nationwide can give you. The discount can result in a number up to 40% off for their safe driving reward. An initial discount is available when you first sign up.
  • “Vanishing” deductible: This program is optional, but it will allow you to push your deductible down until it is reduced by $500. Each year that you don’t have an accident, it is decreased by $100.
  • “On Your Side Review”: Each year, you can get a free review by one of Nationwide’s agents to find out if their policies are still right for you and can cover any discounts that may have become available.
  • “Accident forgiveness”: Nationwide won’t increase your rate after your first accident. This also covers someone else who is on your policy. However, it is not available in all states. Nationwide will forgive one accident per policy.

Nationwide’s Home Insurance Options:

Nationwide offers the normal coverage options, but can include additions such as ordinance or law insurance. That will cover your cost of rebuilding your home in accordance with new building codes during your claim. Some other offerings are shown below:

  • “Brand New Belongings”: In the event that your personal possessions are damaged, destroyed or stolen, Nationwide will cover your cost to obtain new replacement items, instead of the value of your old belongings
  • “Better Roof Replacement”: When your roof needs to be replaced, this policy will cover the cost. Nationwide will give you a reimbursement when you rebuild it with stronger and safer components than your old one
  • “Water backup of sewer”:  Nationwide covers it if you house is damaged in some way by water backing up in sewers or drains
  • “Valuables Plus”:  Nationwide will offer extra coverage for your valuables like jewelry and antiques in the event that they are stolen or damaged

Nationwide life insurance coverage options

Nationwide offers a full collection of life insurance policies. These include term, variable, universal, and whole life insurance. Nationwide term life insurance occurs at 10, 15, 20, or 30 year intervals, most of which can be turned into a permanent life insurance at the time when the current term would end.

Nationwide Overview

Nationwide’s Financial Strength: A+ (SUPERIOR)

Nationwide’s financial strength is considered “superior” by A. M. Best’s standards. The financial strength shows the confidence level that a consumer should have in a given company’s ability to pay out their filed claims. Consumer Complaints Nationwide has less than average the number of complaints for automobile, life, and home insurance for a company relative to its size according to the NAIC in 2018.

Satisfaction of Their Customers

2018 J.D. Power Study Nationwide’s Ranking
Insurance Shopping (Auto) ~ average
Satisfaction of Auto Insurance Claims ~ average
Home Insurance ~ average
Property Insurance Claims ~ average
Life Insurance One of the Best

  More on Nationwide Nationwide Website: Their website will let you pay bills, manage your policies and view your documents pertaining to your personal policy. Their site has tools that can help you plan for retirement. Nationwide Mobile Application: Using their mobile app, you can manage your policy, file a claim, find your automobile insurance ID cards, and even call for roadside help. Their app is available both on iOS and Android operating systems.

Other types of insurance from Nationwide include:
Condo Identity theft
Renters Boat
Motorcycle RV
Dental Small-business
ATV Umbrella
Travel Snowmobile