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State Farm Car Insurance | 2020 Review

StateFarm Reviews and Ratings

Cheap Insurance With StateFarm:

  • Placed 9th on our list of best automobile insurance companies. 
  • Has had less than the average amount of complaints in 2018 for an insurance company about the same size in 2018. 
                • Rideshare insurance is available in most states.

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State Farm is the United State’s largest automobile insurance company. It offers many different kinds of insurance as well as other financial products. They have the best-known brand name for insurance and a great selection of offerings and pricing. 

State Farm Insurance Details 

CCIO Rating: 4.0/5 stars

State Farm ranks 9th out of our list of the best car insurance companies, with 4 out of 5 stars for performance. Our score is based off of 

  • J.D. Power ratings for their customer service, satisfaction of claims, and shopping.
  • Consumer Reports ratings of satisfaction of their customers.
  • Complaints against the insurer by the customer, from data collected by the NAIC. 

    Cheap Insurance With StateFarm automobile insurance options”

    Rental car and travel expenses:  Another Perk of getting cheap insurance with statefarm is better than its competition’s. State Farm pays for a rental car if yours is being repaired after it is in a collision that is covered, and it will also cover meals, your lodging, and your means of transportation if you are more than 50 miles from home when your car breaks down. Some coverage limits exist and are different in some states.

    Drive Safe & Save Program: This is based on your usage and will give you a discount for safe driving. Their standards for safe driving are calculated based on how many miles you drive and other factors like your braking and acceleration. It also accounts for the time of day that you drive and the speeds at which you do. If you pass with State Farm, you can receive a discount of up to 50%. The availability and discounts vary per state. 

    Steer Clear Driver Program: This is an online, driver training refresher course. This is taken via an agent or mobile app. State Farm will work with drivers who are under 25 who take the course with savings, if they also have not been at fault for any accidents nor moving violations within the given past 3 years. 

    Rideshare: This is an extension of a current policy that is available for those who drive for a ride-hailing platform such as Uber or Lyft (and is also available in the states in the photo below). This will cover your regardless of whether you are transporting someone else or not. 


    State Farm’s Rideshare Availability in the United States

State Farm’s Homeowners Insurance options:

Their insurance claims network is available anytime any day on the phone or online. 

Premier Service: State Farm will put you in touch with qualified contractors that remove water and make repairs in your flooring that is included in your policy. State Farm guarantees the contractors’ work for a maximum of five years. Premier Service is not available in all states. 

State Farm’s Life Insurance options:

Select Term Life: Policies are available at intervals of 10, 20 or 30-years. This depends on your age at the time of looking into the policy and it is renewable up until the age of 95. The coverage starts at $100,000. 

Instant Answer Term Life Insurance: For those who are between the age of 16 and 45, $50,000 of life insurance is available  until the age of 50 or a decade after State Farm issues the policy (whichever is later). They don’t require a medical exam, but you will have to submit a health questionnaire frequently, and your answers could disqualify you. 

Return of Premium Term Life Insurance: This is available at either 20 or 30-year intervals with level premiums. You also have the option of renewing for a longer term at an increased rate. The coverage begins at $100,000, and if you are on time with paying your premiums and outlive your term, you can get your money back.  

State Farm also has whole, universal, and variable universal life insurance, as varieties of their permanent life insurance.

State Farm Overview


The financial strength of State Farm is considered “superior,” based on A.M. Best’s ratings on how well they can pay the claims that are filed. 

Customer Complaints

State Farm has had less than the average number of complaints by customers against the insurance company in 2018 for a company about the same size for its automobile, home, and life insurance, based on data from the NAIC.  

Satisfaction of their Customers 

States Farm regularly has competitive rates for automobile insurance, their ratings for customer satisfaction are not as well-rated. 

2018 J.D. Power Study State Farm’s Ranking
Insurance Shopping (Auto) ~ average
Car Insurance Claims Satisfaction ~ average
Home Insurance ~ average
Claims for Property Insurance Better than average
Life Insurance Among the Best

More on State Farm

State Farm’s Website: Their website is user-friendly, straightforward to navigate, and filled with information. On their website, you can get a quote, buy a police, and find an agent, and make or manage a claim. 

Their Mobile App: State Farm’s customer app (Pocket Agent) will allow you to view your insurance card, information on your policy, obtain a quote, file a claim and view its status. It also has an ATM locator.

State Farm also has two mobile apps for each of its automobile insurance programs: Steer Clear for drivers under 25 and the Drive Safe & Save program that tracks your driving behavior. 

Other types of insurance
Condo Identity theft
Renters Boat
Farm and ranch Off-road vehicle
Manufactured home Commercial auto
Umbrella Business


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