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                  • Travelers’ satisfaction of customers is about average or less
                  • Travelers has less than average customer complaints for a company about the same size
                  • Places 11th on our list of the best car insurance companies

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Travelers is one of the most resilient and best-known brand names in the car insurance industry. It is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States. Travelers may be for you if you are looking for a company that offers multiple different kinds of insurance and have a good chance at getting a meeting with an agent in-person.

Cheap Insurance With Travelers insurance review details

Auto insurance rating

CCIO = 4/5 stars

Travelers is 11th on our list of the best insurance companies. Our rating is based on:

  • J.D. Power ratings for the satisfaction of their customers when they file claims, shop, and when they need service.
  • Consumer Reports on the satisfaction of their customers.
  • Complaints form the customer against the insurer based on data collected by the NAIC.

Travelers kinds of automobile insurance:

Travelers has the following options in addition to the standard kinds of insurance:

  • Gap insurance – covers your lease or loan. If you total your car before you have been able to pay it off or before your lease is over, then Travelers will pay the difference between your balance and the value at which your car is at the time of being totaled.
  • Ridesharing – currently, it is only available in Illinios and Colorado for people who drive for ride-hailing platforms like Uber and Lyft. Those companies normally provide insurance for the drivers, but only when they are transporting passengers. This covers you if you are driving whether or not you have passengers.
  • IntelliDrive – Travelers will use their app to record your driving behavior such as speed, time of day that you drive, and your acceleration and breaking for the duration of 90 days. It is currently available in 31 U.S. states. When it comes time for your renewal, you can save up to 20% for good driving, however, they could also go up if you are driving poorly.
  • Premier New Car Replacement – this is good if your car is totaled and it is as old as 5 years. This will pay to replace your car with a new one, and includes the gap insurance to cover any loan or balance on your lease when the car gets totaled. If your car needs to be repaired, then you could get a lower deductible by enrolling in that program.
  • Responsible Driver Program – There are two types of accident forgiveness: One accident and one small violation are granted every 36 months at Travelers. This means that your rates won’t increase after a crash or a smaller infringement.
  • Premier Responsible Driver Program – this is an extension of the one previously mentioned, but it goes a step further by allowing a decreasing deductible ($50 every 6-month period you drive without an accident for a max of $500 off) and if your car is totaled while enrolled in this program, then the deductible is taken care of by Travelers.

Travelers types of home insurance coverage:

Travelers has the standard homeowners insurance as well as the following:

  • Contents replacement: Travelers will pay to replace your old items with new ones, instead of paying the depreciated amount of your old items, in the event that they are stolen or damaged by something that your policy covers.
  • Valuable Items Plus: They will go further by covering those which are highly valuable like jewelry, musical instruments, and even computers.
  • Water backup: Travelers will pay if your house gets damaged by water backing up through the sewer or drain, as well as your sump pump failing causing overflow.
  • Identity fraud: They will pay a maximum of $25,000 for all costs that come as a result of restoring your identity in the event that you are a victim of identity theft and you don’t have to pay a deductible.
  • Green home coverage: This will aid in repairing, replacing your house if with green materials after your claim is filed.

Travelers Overview

Strength of Finances: A++ (SUPERIOR)

(According to A.M. Best) Travelers’ financial strength is considered superior, meaning that it is better suited than its competitors to pay their customers’ claims.

Customer Complaints

Travelers has had less than the average number of complaints by customers to state regulators for a company about the same size according to the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Companies).

Satisfaction of Customers 

2018 J.D. Power Study Travelers is About…
Insurance Shopping (Auto) ~ average
Satisfaction of Auto Insurance Claims ~ average
Home Insurance ~ the rest
Property Insurance Claims ~ average

More on Travelers

Their Website: Travelers has a login portal online that allows you to access your insurance information, pay your bills, track your claims, and even more. You can also receive advice on anything from driving in hazardous conditions to preventing and mitigating damage that could come from a flood. Their Mobile Application: Much like their website, you can pay your bills, file claims, call for assistance if you are stranded on the roadside, and even view your documents. It is available on both iOS (Apple) and Android. Travelers Voice Assistant: If you use Amazon’s virtual assistant that works with their Alexa device, then you can also use it to manage your account with Travelers. Other kinds of insurance that is available from Travelers:

  • Condo
  • Boat and yacht
  • Business
  • Renters
  • Umbrella
  • Wedding
  • Landlord
  • Jewelry


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