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USAA Car Insurance | 2020 Review

USAA Reviews and Ratings


              • The satisfaction of their customers is among the best in the insurance industry. 
              • Have around the average number of complains for a company about the same size for their automobile insurance, but less than average life and home insurance. 
              • Has 4/5 stars in our analysis of the best auto insurance companies

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USAA offers a range of insurance policies and gets excellent reviews in surveys about customer satisfaction. USAA customers can also conduct their investments and banking with them also. USAA is the 5th largest automobile insurer, according to the NAIC. 

Note: USAA is only available for those who are active in the military, veterans, and their families

USAA Insurance Details 

CCIO Rating: 4.0/5 stars. USAA is among the top automobile insurers in our analysis earning 4 out of 5 available stars. Our ratings are based upon the following: 

  • J.D. Power ratings for their customer service, satisfaction of claims, and shopping.
  • Consumer Reports ratings of satisfaction of their customers.
  • Complaints against the insurer by the customer, from data collected by the NAIC. 

USAA Automobile Insurance Options

In our analysis of the rates of car insurance across the US, USAA is often offers lower rates than their larger competitors that we have also studied. 

USAA offers the standard kind of insurance and discounts as well as the following: 

Accident forgiveness: This is an add-on with USAA, but they will not increase your premiums after one accident that was your fault once you have been accident-free with their company for at least 5 years. This add-on is not available in all US states.  

USAA home insurance options

USAA offers the standard homeowners insurance and:

  • Coverage for Identity Theft: With a maximum of $5,000 to cover expenses to restore your name if you’re victimized by identity theft.
  • Coverage for Your Military Uniform: USAA will cover for you if your uniform gets damaged or stolen in a situation that falls under the umbrella of coverage by USAA. You also must be actively on duty or currently deployed. They will give you a reimbursement and not charge you your deductible. 
  • Coverage for Replacement Cost: If your belongings are damaged while they are in your home or stolen from it, then USAA will reimburse you for the cost of the items to get a replacement, not the depreciated value, unlike the majority of home insurance policies.  

USAA Life Insurance Options

USAA offers a wide range of life insurance policies to members of the military and their families, including permanent, and term life insurance. 

Military term life insurance is specifically designed to be added onto service members’ group life insurance. The price is the same as USAA’s normal term life insurance. The coverage, regardless of which you choose, is available in intervals of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. Perks including, but not limited to,  the following: 

  • Accelerated review: In the event that you are being deployed in a short period of time, USAA could accelerate your app review to activate coverage before you are officially deployed.  
  • Benefit for Severe Injury: USAA will cover with a maximum of $25,000 to active military members who have this policy if they are severely harmed while they are in the line of duty. 
  • War Time Coverage: This will guarantee that there will still be covered if death results from terrorism or during the time of war. 
  • Expandable coverage: For those who are between the ages of 18 and 35, you can add on $100,000 of coverage when you marry, have a baby, or purchase a home. 
  • Replacement for Military Policy: Upon retiring or being discharged from your service, you can choose to replace the military’s life insurance policy(SGLI) in part or entirely with the coverage that USAA offers.  

USAA Overview

USAA’s Financial Strength: A++ (Superior)

The financial strength of USAA is considered “superior” based on A.M. Best’s ratings for how well they can be expected to be able to pay their customers’ claims. 

Customer Complaints

USAA is close to average on the amount of complaints for an automobile insurance company about the same size in 2018, according to the NAIC. USAA has less than the average amount of complaints for life and home insurance. 

Satisfaction of Customers 

2018 J.D. Power Study USAA’s Ranking: 
Insurance Shopping (Auto) Among the Top
Satisfaction for Auto Insurance Claims Among the Top
Home Insurance  Among the Top
Claims on Property Insurance Among the Top

More on USAA

USAA’s website: You can access your account information and receive advice on anything from how to use your retirement, plan for the future, buy a home or a car or how to sell them. There are also calculators specifically designed to help you plan more accurately. 

USAA’s Mobile App: Using USAA’s mobile app, you can securely access your account information. You can also make payments, see your identification cards, and even file a claim.  

Other Forms of Insurance that USAA Offers: 

  • Renters
  • Landlord 
  • Umbrella 



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